Winners, Losers, and Competition

So the football games for this week are and losers, some had good games, some not.....but are you sure.... he stepped out of bounds, or the receiver missed the ball and it got intercepted so the quarterback's stats looked worse. Or the basketball game where he didn't score much and had a terrific defensive game, but it didn't show up in the box scores. Much of life is like that, it's subjective......what does "good game" really mean, can it be measured? Here's what I like about individual exercise; we can know exactly how we are doing. If I could only swim 20 laps last week but swam 25 today, then I'm getting stronger. If I did 25 laps in 15 minutes last week but in 14 minutes today then I'm getting faster. We can measure our progress .. If I lifted 150 lbs yesterday but only could get 140 today, then I didn't improve. If I weighted 170 yesterday and I weigh 170 today, then I didn't lose weight. It's all pretty measurable stuff, and its our stuff and our measuring. There is no hiding behind "Oh, the pitcher had great stuff today, that's why I didn't get a hit". It's just you against you in the gym, (or on the road, or in the pool). There are no "alternate facts" We either give the effort and reap the rewards, or we know that we didn't give the effort today and thus we didn't improve. It takes a special certain someone who can look at their results and say, I must not have given everything I could today, because it's right there. I need to work harder tomorrow! But let me tell you, when you put in the work and you see the improvement, there is no better feeling! You want to tell the world," I ran, biked, swam faster today", or "I gained, lost, or improved!" The first and most important part of any plan for improvement lies squarely on your shoulders. Do you have the mental toughness? Do you really want to get better, faster, stronger? If you do, come see us! It's an unbelievable feeling to know that you are a better person today then you were yesterday and that you have got the facts to prove it! Change your life!

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