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We are located at the corner of Fort Avenue and Spring Street across from Potomac State College in Keyser, WV.

    We are in the lower level of "The Lifestyle Building" with our main entrance on Spring Street and a rear entrance also available

Parking is available on the street, in our private lot at the rear of the building, and on our new large lot on Spring Street (accessed from the alleyway)



At Lifestyle Fitness Center, our goal is to provide the residents of the Keyser area community with a place where they can come to improve their health, relieve their stress, relax with friends and enjoy the company of like minded individuals.  Just like you we want to be constantly evolving, constantly improving, and constantly looking for new ideas!  

Check Out Our Pool & Hot Tub

Our Pool was renovated in 2006 and the depth is 3 feet to 5.5 feet.  The hot tub is located adjacent to the pool.  We currently offer water aerobics, swimming lessons, and other pool activities!

We also offer tanning facilities for our members and their guests.

Cardio Equipment

We offer an assortment of aerobic equipment including elliptical trainers, treadmills, and cycling.   Our Expresso bikes are especially popular. 

Strength & Weight Training

We offer a full compliment of free weights, including the "smith" machine as well as Nautilus and Muscle Dynamics strength machines

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